Chocolate brownie meringue cake with mascarpone cream, berries & raspberry coulis

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Aside from the days ending in ‘y’,  there are few occasions where it’s acceptable to eat my own weight in food.* So, huzzah for Christmas and all the wonderful things that come with it! – tonnes of nibbles, great company and (as it turns out) one of the sweetest Secret Santa presents I could have hoped for. I’m sending out a big squeezy hug to you Jess, as a thank you for bestowing upon me my very own Fakery Bakery wooden spoon and tea towel. My heart is still glowing with all the warm fuzzies. ❤

This year, Gary and Andy bravely sacrificed their home to the perils of our group’s festive shenanigans. To distract anyone from asking “who ate all the ham?”**, I brought along this chocolate brownie/meringue hybrid cake. If you’ve read my ‘baking buzzwords’ post, you’ll recognise this as a text-book ‘Superfood’. It’s essentially a brownie, which when half baked, is topped with chocolate meringue and left in the oven to bake to perfection. It’s then wrapped in chocolate and topped with mascarpone cream, natures candy (AKA berries), and raspberry coulis. It all looks a little tricky but it’s actually surprising easy.

All in all, I rate this Christmas 11/10. I hope your Christmas was wonderful too! xx

*Pro tip: Impress friends by eating your cake with no hands. Just your face. Really, the people love it. THEY LOVE IT.
** I once ate an entire ham all on my own. I ate it over the course of a week, but nevertheless, people don’t forget.



Serves: 20 elves
Time: Around 4 hours

CHOCOLATE MERINGUE CAKE (recipe pinched from Donna Hay)

(thanks to SnapGuide)