Baking buzz words

To ‘talk the walk’, you’re going to need these essential baking terms:

 [fros-ting, or fraw-sting (if you’re from Boston)]: 1. Sugar and fat. 2. Delicious.
Salted frosting [salt-ed fraw-sting]: 1. Trifecta of sugar, fat and salt. 2. Extra delicious. Combine with cakey carbs to achieve euphoria.
Martha Stewart [Mar-tha Stew-art]: 1. Formidable. 2. Deity, mentor and inspiration.
Sharing [share-ing]: 1. Is caring. 2. Often achieved by coercion.
Decorating [dec-or-eat-ing]:  A verb best known for its 2:1 repeat ratio (ie. 2 for me, 1 for the cake, repeat).
Superfood [soo-per-food]: The product of  two already-awesome foods joining forces. (ie. Cronut, cheesecake brownie)
Moist [moist]: A term that makes people cringe, except when spoken in the context of cake.
Cacao [cack-cow!]: 1.Tasty bean dust. 2. A rather amusing safe word.

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