Fudgey chocolate, raspberry & toasted marshmallow layer cake

Here’s a moorish little number I whipped up for my colleague birthday. It’s fair to say that I’ve take my office-cake-making-responsibilities very seriously…

151011_Choc Raspberry Marshmallow fudge layer cake_2

Building the layers

The final 'ermaaaagaaawd' result

The final ‘ermaaaagaaawd’ result


Serves: 20 people (or one hungry hungry hippo)
Time: Around 5 hours (including oven time and cleaning… so much cleaning!)
Basic order:
Night prior
1. Bake cakes.
2. While cakes are baking, make chocolate fudge.
3. Once cakes are baked, used the cakes tins to press down on and flatten the top of each cake.
4. Allow both cake and fudge to cool overnight.
Day of
5. Divide each of the cakes in two to create four layers.
6. Make raspberry buttercream.
7. Assemble layers (with buttercream, raspberries and chocolate fudge between each layer).
8. Lightly ice top and sides of cake, place in fridge for 15 minutes to firm up.
9. Coat it once more with the remaining frosting.
10. Cover top of cake with chocolate fudge and allow it drizzle naturally down the sides.
11. Make meringue.
12. Pipe dollops of marshmallow onto the top of the cake. Blow torch them (while laughing hysterically*).

*Optional, but encouraged.

CHOCOLATE CAKE (recipe more-or-less pinched from Donna Hay)

Baking buzz words

To ‘talk the walk’, you’re going to need these essential baking terms:

 [fros-ting, or fraw-sting (if you’re from Boston)]: 1. Sugar and fat. 2. Delicious.
Salted frosting [salt-ed fraw-sting]: 1. Trifecta of sugar, fat and salt. 2. Extra delicious. Combine with cakey carbs to achieve euphoria.
Martha Stewart [Mar-tha Stew-art]: 1. Formidable. 2. Deity, mentor and inspiration.
Sharing [share-ing]: 1. Is caring. 2. Often achieved by coercion.
Decorating [dec-or-eat-ing]:  A verb best known for its 2:1 repeat ratio (ie. 2 for me, 1 for the cake, repeat).
Superfood [soo-per-food]: The product of  two already-awesome foods joining forces. (ie. Cronut, cheesecake brownie)
Moist [moist]: A term that makes people cringe, except when spoken in the context of cake.
Cacao [cack-cow!]: 1.Tasty bean dust. 2. A rather amusing safe word.


This. THIS guide right here (by Tartelette Blog) taught me just about everything I know about the wizardry of macarons, and is by far the best resource I’ve come across.

151011_red macarons

After making a few basic macarons, I dared attempt these beautiful marbled macarons. Here’s how to create the same effect:
1. Separate a small amount of batter into a glass and gently folded in the pink colour.
2. Dab a small amount of pink batter on to the piped macarons (before they form a shell).
3. Insert a metal skewer into the pink dab. Without lifting the skewer, draw three circles in ascending size. Upon completing the third circle, draw a line back through the middle of all three.

Marble macaron

Now… go forth and conquer the macaron!